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2016-07-26 :: psenough

Cloning old in4k.untergrund.net and in4k.northerndragons.ca (based out of web.archive.org references) on to a github wiki, for easier management, maintenance, ressurection and greater justice!


2010-10-15 :: tonic

Auld has released Qoob, a tiny 3d modeller and library. It takes around 2 KB when compressed, so it may be slightly big for your 4 KB if you plan on adding lots of other stuff as well. It’s still very interesting project and worth checking out especially if you think about making 8 KB or 64 KB intros. While you’re at it, remember to check out his Graphics Size Coding blog as well.

Size-optimized synth seminar resources posted

2010-4-30 :: Ferris

You can see the content and resources here.

Shader toy = rapid shader prototyping in a browser

2009-12-24 :: tonic iq of rgba released shader toy a few days ago. It allows editing and running shaders in a WebGL-enabled browser (currently supported only by nightly development builds of Chrome and Firefox).

New blog about 4K development

2009-10-14 :: tonic

@LX wrote to us to inform about his new Code4k blog about coding 4k to 64k intros. Check it out: http://code4k.blogspot.com/

Ferris is giving a size-optimized synth seminar at TG10

2009-08-19 :: Ferris

Ferris of YUP is giving a seminar on size-optimized synth programming at The Gathering 2010. IN4K will host the seminar resources after the seminar.

Music Tools Update etc.

2009-08-12 :: tonic

Nicely some groups have released usable versions of their tools to make synthesized music for 4 KB intros. More or less recent additions include 4Klang by Alcatraz Software, Sonant by Youth Uprising and PuavoHard Intro Music Composer. Excellent work! As usual, lack of time is a problem with enhancing the IN4K site. Most of the work goes to fighting spam manually (and updating the simple spam catching system). Always looking for volunteers with strong php, mysql and mediawiki experience. :)

Custom virtual machine for 4K intros

2007-10-09 :: tonic

XMunkki released the source of IL4 Lisp-ahtava along with source of Rose Shank, a 4 KB intro which contributed in Assembly’07 4k competition. What’s special about it is the fact that it uses a custom language with lisp-like syntax and a compiler written in OCaml which generates a custom virtual machine and bytecode for it from the source code. Check out more from the IL4 Lisp-ahtava page.


2007-05-06 :: tonic

Just posting a “heads up” about the info page of Auld’s great Flow2 intro, if you haven’t noticed it already. It shows how to use OpenGL with GLSL shaders and all fit that in 1K EXE intro. Check it out: About Flow2!

s_tec and Polaris - Block Party 2007 4kb Intro Talk Resources are posted

2007-05-01 :: Polaris

The talk has been posted! Check out the resource files and slides.

Polaris and s_tec are giving 4kb Intro Talk at Block Party

2007-04-16 :: Polaris

Polaris and s_tec of TPD are giving a 4kb intro development talk at Block Party. Be sure to watch this site for resource files of the presentation.

Metalwork Sources

2007-02-24 :: tonic

Hitchhikr released sources to his intro Metalwork. It shows how to use DX9, D3DX and 2.0 pixel shaders with Assembler, in just 1 KB. Go get it from the Sample Sources.

Andromedary Sources

2007-02-17 :: tonic

We’re glad to present you the source code of Andromedary, the intro which came 2nd in Assembly’2006 4KB intro competition. Click to download.

Interested in chatting with other 4 KB creators?

2006-09-18 :: tonic

las has started an effort to have an IRC meeting for 4 KB creators. If you’re interested, please take part in discussion about it in the bitfellas.org forums.

More Linux information

2006-08-25 :: tonic

If you haven’t yet noticed, we have got a bit more information about creating 4 KB intros on the Linux platform!

Skin is fixed

2006-07-16 :: Polaris

It looks like a php update resulted in some errors in the skin. Should be fixed now!

Auld’s pages are Back

2006-06-14 :: Polaris

We have revised the copyright notice on the disclaimer page inline with our objectives to provide free and useful 4kb creation content to all. Please review IN4K:General_disclaimer to ensure you have no conflicts. Auld - welcome back!

Just an Update

2006-02-28 :: tonic

We have unfortunately been busy with other things, so we haven’t been able to keep adding features to IN4K site with number one priority. We still hope you will keep contributing to the site! Just make an account and dive in making a new page. Note that some of the pages are locked from editing in the site structure, to fight against spam content (it has already happened a few times in IN4K as well). We’ll try to keep an eye for new stuff and link them in the site structure. And do not hesitate to contact us if you have anything to say.

If you happen to know PHP & MySQL (and maybe even know stuff about MediaWiki customization), and on top of that have some extra time, please consider helping us out. You can also send private messages to tonic in IRCnet if you prefer that way. And some actual news: Flash 4K Challenge results are out there. Additionally, if 4 KB intros aren’t challenging enough for you, try out making 1 KB intros!

Vote In Flash 4K Challenge

2006-02-01 :: tonic

The Flash 4K Challenge is over and its voting system is now open. Go check the entries and vote! Be sure to poke around the IN4K site as well. There’s a bit of new stuff here and there, especially some goodies submitted by our very active user Auld. Thanks to him for sharing so much!

Java 4K Game Programming Contest

2005-12-15 :: tonic

This is slightly off-topic, but we’re so fond of things fitting in 4 KB, that we still want to tell you about this. Java Unlimited is running a Java 4K game programming contest. Go check it out, you can also view the entries of Java 4K 2005 Games.

Updates & Flash 4K Challenge

2005-12-09 :: tonic

It’s great to see how the site has already started to gather contributions. There’s now new Guidelines page, which has a few points about discussing content and creating pages. Also, generic suggestions about whole site should go to the discussion of Suggestions page.

Note that Flashscene.org is having a Flash 4K challenge. Go and contribute!

Bits of Stuff

2005-11-15 :: tonic

Added some introductory texts to the different Platforms, a few other resources, and did some cleanups here and there.


2005-11-09 :: tonic

Welcome to IN4K! This is the first ever web portal dedicated to 4KB intro development. Please surf our pages, create accounts, and use our discussion tabs. There is a lot more to do, including addition of existing information from the past. We’ve barely scratched the surface so far. We hope this will become an interactive resource - where we can benefit and learn from each other.

Questions? Concerns or Suggestions - Please use the site or email us! Your feedback is valuable and welcome!

Ready… set……

2005-11-07 :: Polaris

IN4K Site is ready for release. Passing over to tonic to pull down the curtain and put the “We are live” news item up ;-)