Shadertoy / Raymarching

Single quad pixelshader effects have become common in 1kb and 4kb intros. You raymarch your entire scene inside the pixelshader.

The most common tool to do single quad pixelshader effects is Shadertoy.

Here are some resources for learning raymarching and graphics coding in shadertoy:

4K Procedural Graphics

A relatively recent trend of democompos has been the 4kb procedural graphics executable compo. Where the executable under 4 kilobytes creates a single still image procedurally.

If you can find a list of those entries on pouet:

And a selection of the best ones curated by yx at this website:

Some great information on creating procedural graphics can be found in iq’s website:

And here’s a great tool helping creation using GLSL:

Auld’s OpenGL Tricks Corner

Tiny Geometry

Using Graphics APIs with Assembly

A hard part of tight graphics coding is getting the API to work with an assembler. Here are some resources.

DirectX with Assembly

OpenGL with Assembly

Software Samples