Auld's Why it's not lame

Someone Has to Say it

OK I’m tired of people who call others lamers for some unmotivated religious reason. Get over yourselves and stop being lame (you get the irony right?).

Import by Ordinal

It’s a valid technique. It’s a choice. For opengl is a relatively safe choice. It’s safer than shaders (when we look at compatability issues). So why don’t you complain about shaders when you bitch religiously about ordinals? One reason, shaders are cool. OK import by hash, crinkler etc. Yes. Import by ordinal is a valid tchnique when controlled and understood. Besides at a compo, only one machine matters.

Give me a break.

Using DLLS

You do know that it’s 2006 (well, was –Ed.) right? Making a 4k on a pc is about knowing how to exploit a PC. The real lamer is the guy who refuses to update and insists that it’s lame to use a DX dll because you should write your own polygon renderer.

Nothing wrong with software demos - also nothing wrong with a highly skilled use of dlls.

Give me a break.

Using PC Data

See above. It’s the same thing - you just refuse to accept it. gm.dls is a perfect example.

Give me a break.

Fonts as Geometry

Do you know how pathetic you sound when you see a perfect 4k intro and them complain that the geometry is all font based? The fact that you had to watch 3 times to confirm that should tell you that fonts used correctly as 3d geometry are perfectly acceptable. You still think it’s lame when they are pumped through AO shaders?

Give me a break.


It’s a freaking choice. It doesn’t work most of the time but it can. The real skill is in chosing correctly, so stop your whining. BTW gm.dls - that’s MIDI.

Give me a break.

Oldskool v newskool

They both have a place. Get over your religion and act like an adult. You don’t like it - move on.

Give me a break.


You are kidding right? A 4k in asm is inherently better than one in C? Huh? OK given two 4ks that do the same, one in asm and one in C, who actually has the greater skills the asm coder or the C coder? Think about it. (ps for you lamers, the correct answer is neither)

Give me a break.

Java, Basic etc

The language is not lame. Only the intro can be lame.

Give me a break.

1k v 256b v 4k v Do a Demo

One more retarded lamer downvoting a prod on Pouet because it’s not his thing or he doesn’t understand it. Sigh. There is value in each category and what’s worse some people who claim to be size coders just cant allow others to enjoy what they do. I ask you- what’s wrong with a 256b if it’s done well?

Give me a break.


OK monkeys can find info on how to make a windows 4k today (download crinkler, read the manual). Guess what? It’s harder with linux. So whose the real lamer? You don’t like the OS?

Give me a break.

In conclusion

The only lame thing is calling others lamers because they enjoy using different techniques to you. Every approach is valid. It’s a balance at 4k. We cheat, lie steal, borrow, and anything else to make it all fit in 4k. At the end of the day, was it a good 4k? If so…

Give me a fucking break.