DemoJS is a demoparty focussed on the Web developpement. It takes place in Paris, so it's kind of easy for me to get there ;) I have tried to participate. L'important c'est de participer...

demoJS 2013 : rotozoom

It was my very first time with Javascript demos/intros. So I made a quick rotozoom using HTML5 canvas for the 1k javascript competition. What is amazing is that I've not finished last in the competition. See and don't miss the winner minami district by p01. You have to see that at least once in your life ! Also have a look at the No Javascript 8k intro by X-MEN which only use CSS animation.

My intro features Rotozoom + scroll text, that is quite oldschool :) I has been simplified/minified to reach 1000 bytes ; below the 1024 bytes limit.

demoJS 2014 : walking man

For my second participation, after experimenting with some "canvas shadebobs" a few hours, I had the idea of a wire frame walking man. I took the competition more seriously than in 2013, but I knew I cannot really compete on the technical aspect :) So I tried to get votes thanks to humor... Anyway it shows that is is possible to make a 1K JS intro with some kind of scenario.

The Javascript code has been hand optimized a lot thanks to tricks given by Rémi Papillié (aka wsmind/tmp, the author of the FuckJS invite intro) during his Talk. For example you'll see var S=Math.sin; to "alias" sinus function to a shorter name, something that JS minifiers don't do.

After using I was down to 1132 bytes, still above the 1024 bytes limit :( So I decided to use pnginator to pack the code. I only succeded thanks to Rémi. party version is only 861 bytes !

DemoJS 2015

See you next year !

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